In memory of Anna Lightfoot

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anniversary of her death

This week marks seventeen years since the week she went missing and was found dead. One of the perpetrators of the crime is still on the run from jail, but we prefer not to think about that, and remember Anna for the life she lived, rather than the manner of her death.

Here's a picture of her as a young child. She was always full of fun, kindness and affection.

We also regularly contribute to charities in her memory, including Bat Conservation Trust. She was passionate about these odd little creatures, and studied and wrote a thesis on them while at college. Later, when working as a countryside warden she would take people out on bat walks, with special equipment to hear their 'voices'. Whenever we see one we think of Anna.

The Bat Conservation Trust supplied material to many schools in Anna's name at the time of her death, and work hard to train volunteers, share expertise and build the knowledge of how to help bats.

Here are some fun facts about bats