In memory of Anna Lightfoot

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Report from Foreign and Commonwealth Office

As you know we are still working hard to return Allan Cal to prison where he belongs. We have no intention of giving up until we catch him. The UK Foreign Office emailed Debbie today, from which I quote:

'My colleagues in Belize are still trying to make an appointment to meet with the CEO of Police, but it has been difficult to arrange. Please be reassured that we will continue to ask for any updates from the local authorities about their efforts to recapture Allan Cal.'

They have also promised to ask their colleagues in Belize to enquire about whether or not the local authorities have involved the Guatemalan authorities with their search for Cal. Certainly other escapees have been caught this way through a little cooperation between the two countries. Let us hope they can do so in this case.

The FCO will be contacting us again in March with their next quarterly report, when we will post again.

Kind regards and Happy New Year to everyone.