In memory of Anna Lightfoot

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Latest News

Today, the 24th August, is the 15th anniversary of Anna’s death. Never an easy time for us, so I’m pleased to announce that the work is complete. We can’t say it’s been easy working on this project. Father Dominic is a busy person and the Claretians are not the best communicators in the world. There were many frustrations, not least those connected with the water supply, and with who owned what land, building regs and so on. In the end UNICEF took over the issue of the toilets, which must be a load off everyone’s mind. We then had to think of an alternative way of spending our own donation, to which everyone has so generously given. It has been used to refurbish and restore an old classroom as the number of children attending the school has risen greatly.

Our aim has always been to continue the work that Anna started back in 1998. In all the interviews we have had to endure I have never told anyone how I feel about the loss of my lovely daughter. There are no words to describe such pain, and it doesn’t get any easier. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that our family is a close one, supporting each other through a trauma we would not wish upon our worst enemy. Helping the children at the school made us feel that something positive was coming out of this terrible tragedy.

Also, it is our belief that if children are given a good education it will help them to find a good job at the end of it. Since Anna was very sporty, we have also supplied the school with sports equipment in the past, hoping this too might help to keep them off recreational drugs. There is no doubt that the two perpetrators were high on drugs and alcohol, which may explain to a degree their terrible crime, although doesn’t in any way excuse it.

Estevan Sho paid the ultimate price when he was shot dead when firing at the police as they tried to recapture him following his escape from Hattieville prison. Allan Cal is still on the run, but he will need to continue looking over his shoulder as there is a large reward for any information that leads to his capture. We will never stop searching for him, or seeking justice for our lovely Anna.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Report from Foreign and Commonwealth Office

As you know we are still working hard to return Allan Cal to prison where he belongs. We have no intention of giving up until we catch him. The UK Foreign Office emailed Debbie today, from which I quote:

'My colleagues in Belize are still trying to make an appointment to meet with the CEO of Police, but it has been difficult to arrange. Please be reassured that we will continue to ask for any updates from the local authorities about their efforts to recapture Allan Cal.'

They have also promised to ask their colleagues in Belize to enquire about whether or not the local authorities have involved the Guatemalan authorities with their search for Cal. Certainly other escapees have been caught this way through a little cooperation between the two countries. Let us hope they can do so in this case.

The FCO will be contacting us again in March with their next quarterly report, when we will post again.

Kind regards and Happy New Year to everyone.